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New Kayak Instructor Program in Canada with CKC & PC

This article was first posted in summer of 2010.

Common Ground: Canadian Kayak instructors are now coming together under one program in first transition year.
The goal is to create a nationally adopted, competency based instructor certification (not student skill levels). The difference in this approach is that instead of being certified to teach a specific organization’s curriculum, an instructor’s certification will allow him or her to teach river kayaking skills within the structure of an established program (Paddle Canada, Joes Kayak Shop, Billy’s Paddling Emporium, you get the idea) up to the level in which they can demonstrate appropriate competency. Because these competency levels will be developed nationally, they will also be consistent nationally. As mentioned, the challenge for a national instructor program concept has been that the established organizations and businesses did not want to adopt the associated skills programs.  By focusing on the instructor’s competency and not on specific skill sets, CKC instructor certification can be easily adapted to competitive sport and recreation bodies, commercial outfitters and not- for- profit organizations.  And for those regions who do not have a recognized instructional structure or who are currently using the Paddle Canada program, the PC levels will remain available as a fully developed skills standard.  A win-win initiative.  pdf small Read full article PDF download.

Mick Lautt – Chairperson of River Kayak PDC