New Clinic Fees and Simplified Reporting


New Fee Changes & Simplified Reporting for Clinics 

The following applies when the “Clinic Only” box is checked when you register a Sanctioned Paddle Canada course:

a) Registered ‘clinics’  are now a $5 flat rate plus provincial tax, regardless of the numbers of instructors needed per participant : instructor ratio.  The old rate was $25 per instructor needed on that course (or $8 per participant for small groups of 2 or less)  

b) A cumulative maximum clinic fee of $50 is now in effect for any given current fiscal year by that Course Director.  In other words, any clinics registered and reported after the 10th clinic in any given year would have invoice balance of $0 owing.  As of January 1 each year, the system refreshes and starts at $5 incremental fees again up to $50.   

c) Reporting of clinics has now been simplified where we only ask for total participant numbers and not names, addresses, dates of birth etc for every participant since these are non-certification programs.  

  • Report Your Clinic Participant Numbers:
  • Field 1: Youth (under 18 yrs of age)
  • Field 2: Adult (over 18 yrs of age)

Note: For Paddle Canada liability reasons, Course Directors are required to save and store up to 7 years all Clinic participants personal information as recorded on Paddle Canada Waivers.

d) Waterfront Canoeing Courses/Clinics now follow the above Fee and Reporting structure.

e) PC hopes this will encourage more use of the PC programs and expose more youth and adults to the PC curriculum.  We hope that more clinics will be registered which in turns helps us with statistics (good for funding and partnership growth) of how many Canadian paddling public are exposed to a PC trained instructor annually.