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NEW: Awarding Lower Levels On a Higher Level Course – Combined Courses

PC Instructors now have the ability to hand out one lower skills cert, “without charge” for those individuals that don’t pass the registered course, with the understanding that the instructor has given enough time for review of those lower course skills. (i.e. awarding Intro to Sea Kayaking on a SK Level 1 Skills course)

At this time Instructors will have to register a 2nd course with a special note connecting the two courses.  But no charge will apply for the second course registered. Instructor:Participant ratios still have to be met for the original registered course.

How to do this:  Register the lower level skill course with all the same details as for the primary course and date the course as running today (the system won’t allow you to backdate the course).  Add your participants who received the one lower level skill and submit the course report.  Leave at the invoice stage (do not pay) and contact the office for course to be completed and dates adjusted. 

This has been a programing oversight when creating the new database. We hope in the future that PC will have options of two levels for certs when running a course.