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Navigable Waters Act Update

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On November 7, 2012 Transport Canada’s Committee Working Group for Navigable Waters Protection presented a 1 hour hearing.  Graham Ketcheson, Executive Director and Jay Morrson, Chair of Environment committee for Paddle Canada were both at this meeting among many other stakeholder groups including Canadian Safe Boating Council and Canadian Power and Sail Squadron. 

The new act proposes to only protect less than 1% of all our waterways, from development that affects navigation boats including canoe or kayak or SUP. 

“We’re losing our tools to protect fresh water and our federal government is really getting rid of their responsibility to protect our waterways,” argues Meredith Brown, the Ottawa Riverkeeper, a watchdog group that monitors water quality in the Ottawa River and its tributaries.

Budget and staffing reasons were the main argument presented in making this huge change. Transport Canada assures that all waterways are still protected, however under Common Law.

“Essentially, they [the Government of Canada] are reducing the regulatory burden on businesses and putting that regulatory burden on you and I, the public, to now look out for own river and our own interests,” says Brown. But, she adds, under the proposed changes a project can only be challenged after it has been built, so any damage to a waterway will have already been done.

Please read more on this topic by following the media article links below.  Get informed and get involved by contacting your local federal MP with your thoughts & comments on this topic.

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