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A single person on a paddleboard on Widgeon Creek, BC.
Location: Widgeon Creek, BC. Photo credit: Diane Kiss

River 2 SUP Skills

Discipline: Stand Up Paddleboard Stream: Skills Development

This course provides participants with the theory and skills to paddle Class II rivers. The emphasis is on transferring the skills of the River 1 SUP course to more challenging rapids and using the river to the paddler’s advantage.

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Course Overview

Typical Course Length

6-8 hours

Course Water Class

This course runs in Class-2 conditions which are described as:

Moderately exposed coastline with frequent easy-landing opportunities and short crossings. Moderate potential wind effects (22-35 km/h or 12–19 knots), surf of less than 1 meter and a combined sea state of less than 1 metre, gentle to moderate non- turbulent currents (< 6 km/h or < 3 knots), and light surf beaches. Short delays in access to land-based assistance should be expected.

Learn more about our water classification system.

Course Topics

Safety Skills
  • River dynamics
Paddling Skills
  • Off-side forward stroke
  • S-turns
  • Jet ferry
  • Surfing
  • Paddling without a fin
  • Using the river to the paddler’s advantage
  • Route finding
Course Prerequisites
  • River 1 SUP skills course, or equivalent experience.
  • Paddlers need time and practice to sufficiently develop the skills learned in the prerequisite course before registering in this course.