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Gentleman paddling a canoe solo.
Photo credit: Gabes Images

Advanced Style Canoeing

Discipline: Canoeing Program: Style Canoe Stream: Skills Development

Students that complete the Advanced Style Canoeing course display a high degree of boat control and are able to present a complex paddling routine on the water.

At this level, new core skills are added, including an introduction to Freestyle Paddling. Manoeuvres must be completed on both paddling sides – cross strokes, switching sides, and weight shifting are acceptable during routines as long as the transition is smooth. 

Students in this course are encouraged to develop or innovate additional manoeuvres on their own and routines and manoeuvres should be a reflection of the paddler not the instructor.

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Course Overview

Typical Course Length

8 hours of instruction and expect 16 hours of personal practice time.

Course Topics

Safety and Rescue
  • Review as required all safety and rescue skills form the Intermediate Style Canoeing level
General Paddling Skills
  • Review as required all general paddling skills skills form the Intermediate Style Canoeing level
Course Prerequisites
  • Intermediate Style Canoeing or prior experience at the discretion of the Course Director.