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Gentleman paddling a canoe solo.
Photo credit: Gabes Images

Advanced Solo Lake Canoeing

Discipline: Canoeing Program: Lake Canoe Stream: Skills Development

The Advanced Solo Lake Canoeing course introduces the participants to advanced skills and rescues in varied and dynamic paddling environments. This level places emphasis upon exhibiting a high degree of precision, efficiency and control of the canoe.

At the end of the course, students will demonstrate the highest level of skills, confidence, and exhibit good judgement necessary to paddle with a partner in open waters and the changing environments.

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Course Overview

Typical Course Length

14 hours of instruction

Course Topics

Safety and Rescue
  • Dealing with wind (when to go and when not to go)
  • Personal survival gear
  • Expanded first aid kits
  • Self-rescues
  • Emergency tarp set up and fire lighting
Paddling Strokes
  • Sculling pry
  • Compound reverse stroke
  • Box stroke
  • One handed bow jam/pry
  • Traditional/punch stroke
  • Review and refinement of intermediate strokes
General paddling skills
  • Enter and exit a canoe in windy conditions
  • Paddling in wind and waves
  • Stroke blending
  • Tacking in wind
  • Triangular course
  • Complex side slip: eg. Square (on/off side)
  • Forward and reverse paddling (on/off sides)
  • Running sideslip
  • Specialty canoes and paddles
  • Knots
  • Basic navigation (map & compass, GPS, restriction visibility - (day paddles))
  • Individual and group responsibilities
  • Canoe history
Course Prerequisites
  • Intermediate Lake Solo Canoeing or prior experience with permission of the Instructor.