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A man holding the Paddle Canada flag.
Location: Athabasca River, Alberta. Photo credit: Priscilla Haskin.

Intermediate Big Canoe Instructor

Discipline: Canoeing Program: Big Canoe Stream: Instructor Development

Intermediate Big Canoe Instructor is the entry point into the Paddle Canada Big Canoe Instructor program.

Successful candidates receive the Intermediate Big Canoe Instructor at this level.

Big Canoe Instructors must teach from a solo canoe so must hold strong solo paddling skills.

The Intermediate Big Canoe Instructor is certified to:

  • conduct Introduction to Big Canoe Paddling Skills and Intermediate Big Canoe Leader courses
  • apprentice on an Intermediate Big Canoe Instructor course (Advanced Leader Big Canoe Skills are required)
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Course Prerequisites
  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Certification
    • Advanced Big Canoe Leader Skills.
    • Intermediate or Advanced Solo Lake Canoeing certification or equivalent with permission from the course instructor.
    • Introduction to Tandem or Solo Lake Canoeing Instructor certification.
  • Experience
    • Experience beyond that of an Advanced Big Canoe Leader Skills course.
    • At least 100 hours in the stern of a big canoe in different wind conditions and water environments.

How to Register for an Instructor Course

  1. Contact the course director/organization and register with them first.
  2. Register yourself as an instructor candidate member with Paddle Canada by following these steps:
    • Are you existing Paddle Canada member or a past skill course student? Login to your account and follow the instructor candidate link there.
    • Are you brand new to Paddle Canada? Proceed to the Instructor Candidate membership form.