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A photo of two tents with the sun shining.
Photo credit: Peter Vanosdall

Wilderness Camping Instructor

Discipline: Camping Stream: Instructor Development

This course provides national certification in the instruction and administration of the Paddle Canada Wilderness Camping skills course.

The Wilderness Camping Instructor is certified to:

  • conduct the Paddle Canada Camping Basics and Wilderness Camping courses and certify students at those levels,
  • present the Expedition Camping Module,
  • assist a Camping Leadership Instructor on a Camping Leadership course, and
  • assist a Camping Basics Instructor Trainer on a Camping Basics Instructor course.
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Course Prerequisites
  • Minimum Age Requirement
    • At least 18 years of age.
  • Skills Certification
    • Paddle Canada Camping Leadership skills certification.
    • One of the following paddling skills certification:
      • Intermediate Lake or Intro Moving Water Canoe skills,
      • Level-1 Sea Kayak skills,
      • Advanced Flatwater Stand Up Paddleboard skills, or
      • Intermediate River Kayak skills.
    • River Rescue Training is strongly recommended for those offering any skills course on moving water.
  • Instructor Certification
    • Camping Basics Instructor highly suggested.
  • Teaching Experience
    • None, though it is highly recommended that the prospective candidate has taught a minimum of two Camping Basics skills courses within the past three years, being the lead instructor on at least one of those courses.
  • Camping and Paddling Experience
    • A log demonstrating a minimum of 6 camping trips with a total combination of 12 nights or more camping. It is not necessary that these trips involve paddling.
    • 30 days paddling experience in at least Level-1 conditions (including overnights).

How to Register for an Instructor Course

  1. Contact the course director/organization and register with them first.
  2. Register yourself as an instructor candidate member with Paddle Canada by following these steps:
    • Are you existing Paddle Canada member or a past skill course student? Login to your account and follow the instructor candidate link there.
    • Are you brand new to Paddle Canada? Proceed to the Instructor Candidate membership form.