Level 6 Pro Purchase Program

Since 1997, Level Six of Ottawa has designed outstanding clothing and accessories used by paddlers the world over. An independent Canadian Company, Level 6’s offerings range from technical dry suits, to safety gear, to practical fashion pieces for the take out to the café. Paddle Canada is proud to announce their new partnership with Level 6 and its instructor support program. A company owned by Stig Larsson and Tyler Lawlor, former National and Olympic team paddlers, Level 6 is uniquely placed to support Canadian instructors of all disciplines.

Through our partnership program,Paddle Canada instructors can access amazing paddlesport gear at a 40% discount on all regularly priced Level 6 products. This offer is only available on orders through the Level 6 office. No matter what your paddling preference, you will find clothing and accessories to support your teaching programs at

Information on how to access this pro-deal can be found in the instructors member area of our website.

Paddle Canada gratefully acknowledges Level Six’s support of our national programs and instructors through this partnership. “We know what it is like to be an instructor and understand the challenges it can have.” says Tyler Lawlor, “Increased participation in paddling starts with great instructors, and we want to provide an opportunity for each instructor to achieve their best .” With such initiatives, Level Six provides a dynamic contribution to a safer, and more exciting, paddling community.

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