Legacy Debt Campaign Donor Appreciation


Between 1998 and 1999, the Paddle Canada Board of Directors became aware that all was not well in Paddle Canada, and brought in an external consultant to review our business practises. The results were disastrous, revealing that Paddle Canada had incurred a ‘legacy debt’ of approximately one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars due to staffing issues, unknown legacy financial commitments, and past accounting practises. This situation called for an immediate change, and as you may recall, Paddle Canada went through a complete change of staff at that time.

By 2003, Paddle Canada had eliminated approximately thirty thousand dollars worth of the debt. However, we were hit with yet another blow. The property tax-free status which the Ron Johnstone Paddle Centre ‘Home for Canoeing’ had enjoyed for the first few years, was revoked by a change in Provincial law. Having exhausted the appeal process regarding this change Paddle Canada now also owed about three years in back property taxes; costs not envisioned when we built the Centre in 1996-97.

Determined more that ever to eliminate this legacy debt once and for all, we tightened our belts, and explored new fundraising opportunities in an attempt to retire the legacy debt. Among those opportunities, we solicited the members of Paddle Canada for support.

Thanks, in part, to the kindness and generosity of the proud paddlers noted on this acknowledgement page Paddle Canada has made a full recovery and is once again in a position to better support its members, the development and implementation of Paddle Canada instruction programs, and the development and support of our many excellent instructors.

[one_half] Kathy Taylor-Hallick

Cataraqui Canoe Club (Kingston)

John Beedel

Tom Belton

Patrick Crawford

Jim Crellin

Gerry Cyr

William E Davis

Brian Eddington

Frank Estey

Phil Gallant

Bob Henderson

Al Hooper

Ed Jezak

Adrian Johnston

Owen Johnston

Robert Kok

Dieter Kromm

Diane Livingstone
[/one_half][one_half_last] Gary Luck

Chris Lyle

Elspeth MacEwan

Marcel Maessen

Les Morgan

Richard G Mosley

Robert Pealing

Larry Polk

Michael Reid

Stewart B Rood

Martin Roth

Peter Rowan

Peter T Sabiston

Tony Shaw

Richard Allen Smith

Terry Sprague

Marlene Spruyt

Tom Staebell

Marg Stanford

Al Stephens

John Stewart

Martin Talbot

Dennis Teskey

Alan Thomson

Karen Tippett

Eric Williams

Kirk Wipper

You have our eternal thanks for your generous support.