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Instructor Update: New Members, Courses & New Database Survey

2016 Membership Renewals

Thanks to all that have renewed their membership for 2016 season.  We appreciate your support.  For those that have not renewed yet, your membership expired December 31, 2015.  So you will want to renew soon to take advantage of these benefits:

  • get the next 3 issues of your choice of Rapid Media Magazine (deadline for all 4 issues was January 15).
  • access to Instructor Services menu (manuals and resources at is only available to current 2016 members
  • ability to register your 2016 courses or access old courses from 2015 and prior.
  • access to discounts on gear. 
  • $5 million liability and $20,000 sport accident insurance coverage when teaching courses. 
  • Read about more of the benefits.

Welcoming New Members To Join Us
We hit 1970 individual and instructor members in 2016, an all time high in the last 10 years!  This is wonderful news and thanks to all of you for suporting us.   We also had 7 provincial association and 3 paddlling club memberships.  We can use your help this year to get beyond 2000 members by telling your participants about the benefits of membership and signing up as a Friends of PC to support your organization.  More info on the Friends of PC can be found here.  Others may be interested in becoming an Intro Instructor (learning how to teach others our great sport of paddling), so please encourage them to find Instructor Training courses on our Program pages and Searching for A Course near them on this site.  Membership brochures for download and distribution can be found here

2016 Courses
Please post your courses now.  Many participants are shopping for training and contacting the office daily wondering about 2016 spring and summer course offerings. Currently there is very little to choose from (sometimes no courses found for a discipline).  This is because many of you have not registered your courses in advance with us.  Please take advantage of the national exposure of courses and let PC help drive traffic to you for training.  A great selection of course offerings and dates on our website, makes us look like an active training organization. But we need your help in doing this. 

New Online Database System
A task force committee for the database has been formed this winter.   They are in the process of collecting feedback for the redevelopment of a new online registration and membership database system to replace the old  A survey will be sent out via email to you soon.  Also a link to survey when live, will be posted on the Instructor News feed here as well.  We would appreciate your time in giving us some comments on features you would like to see in the next version of our online database.  We also will be launching a fundraising campaign for you to donate to the buiding of the new fantatstic easy to use course registration and payment system to better suit your needs (which proves to be very costly to contract out and only have partial budget money in 2016 to start the project).  

If you have any comments or questions about any of this, please do not hesitate to ask us

Your PC Office team:

Graham – [email protected]

Heather (membership renewals and accounts and payments) – [email protected]