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Instructor Update – June 2017

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Nouveau Site Web de Membres en Français.
Paddle Canada est heureuse d’offrir un service de langue française sur notre page de connexion aux membres. Cliquez sur l’onglet “FR” sur la page de connexion (

Important note about Clinics: The reporting function for clinics (participant numbers and invoicing of $5 per clinic) is not yet available. We plan to bring this online later this summer. The system at the moment is treating clinics like courses and will want participants names and full course fees. So at this time, please register all your clinics and keep track of your clinic participant numbers, but DO NOT REPORT them at this time. We will update you when this feature is available. Thank you.

What does it mean, when there is “No Certification” on file after I’ve given someone Full Pass and reported a course?

The true certification is in the COURSE STATUS: Full Pass – that’s what you need to look at .

The Certification: NO Certification refers to the computer telling itself and you there is no electronic beautiful PDF attached to this person’s account and particular cert. No certification got automatically generated in this case so you will have to print out one for them – fill in a blank certificate for that candidate if they still need it and email or hard copy mail it to them.

Any course registered prior to Feb 15, 2017 when new system came online will NOT have an electronic certificate (can’t go back in time). Only new courses will have electronic certs attached if reported was processed successfully (there are always exceptions as we know).


When your course invoice is Paid in Full, your participants will receive an email with a certification download link. Alternatively, their certification is also available under that Participants account: My Membership -> My Certification



Alternatively, instructors may also go to My courses -> Report and resend certification to student manually if needed be clicking on the green envelope symbol Send Certification.




How Do I Add New Participant to My Course Report?
There are now three different ways to add participants to a course report.


To start, search for the participants name (even if you know they don’t exist on the website) then choose:
1. ADD participant name from list that appears OR


2. Click on ‘Add new participant’ button to fill in Participant Info form from scratch


3. Click on ‘Skill Course Registration Link Send To New Member’ button and enter your participants email. An invite to sign up for your course email will be sent to your participant. This saves you time and ensures we get more accurate participant contact information. However, it does mean it may take longer to Report your course if you are waiting for participants to add themselves to your course. Do not hit ‘Report’ until all your participants are on the class list and their status has been updated (ie Full Pass, Conditional Pass, Incomplete, etc)


Please note: these button features only appear after you have have done a search for someone. This is to make sure you don’t add them into the database twice.

2016 Annual General Meeting

The 2016 Annual General Meeting was held May 16, 2017. The AGM documents are now posted for viewing and sharing here /annual-general-meetings/

At the AGM we we welcomed some new directors alongside returning directors:

a. NL: Jeff Martin (returning)
b. Quebec: Darren Keith (new)
c. Yukon: Jim Snider (new)
d. Saskatchewan: Geoff Horn (returning)
e. PEI: Vacant


Many members call the office asking about insurance. Here are some resources to review before you call with questions:

1. Need a Certificates of Insurance before you can teach at a public location?
Please contact our new insurance company directly with your request for Certificates of Insurance. You can reach them at [email protected] or 1-855-318-6558.
2. Summary of Insurance can be viewed and downloaded here (/business-services/)

Submitting Instructor Course Reports

There’s an error with invoicing of instructor courses which are acting like Skill courses and charging skill fees, please do not pay the course fees and instead contact the office to have them voided from your accounts.

Why is the members site telling listing my certifications as expired?
Please disregard certification expiry dates posted in your account for the time being. Certification expiry dates are currently set in the computer system from 4 years from your original course dates, therefore it does not accurately reflect you maintaining that cert yet and you teaching at that level in the last 4 years. The responsibility is still on you to make sure your certifications are being maintained. We are in the process of updating this feature in Phase 2 launch of the website. It’s a fairly complex expensive computer programming logic to track our certification maintenance requirements.

*Certifications expire on December 31 on the fourth year from date earned.

Thanks for reading,

Paddle Canada Office Team