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Instructor Notice: Certification Maintenance Online Module To Be Launched Winter 2015-16

We’ve had a lot of inquiries at the office about the online instructor module, one of the options (option #2) for the Certification Renewal Requirements. The plan, budget permitting, is to develop the online module in the fall and launch it live by early winter 2015 into 2016.  

In addition to the annual requirement of paying your membership fees the instructor has until December 31st of the fourth year from certification, or certification renewal, to complete the following:


  • Teach or assist on one Paddle Canada course at their highest level of certification. Paddle Canada reserves the right to adjust the instructor’s certification level to the highest level taught during that certification period.
  • Complete one or more of the professional development options below:
    • Option 1: Successfully complete an appropriate Paddle Canada certification maintenance clinic. Items generally covered in a clinic include program changes, evolution of best practices, new teaching techniques, administration and a review of the standards for each skill level.
    • Option 2: Successfully complete an appropriate online certification maintenance module. It involves reading assigned articles and/or watching videos (concerning teaching theory or a new rescue technique, for example) and completing the online test.
    • Option 3: Attend an appropriate Paddle Canada–recognized symposium or paddling event, as confirmed by an IT also in attendance at the event.
    • Option 4: Successfully complete any other Paddle Canada instructor course.
    • Option 5: Successfully complete an individualized set of requirements set and evaluated by an appropriate instructor-trainer (IT). The requirements must test paddling skills, teaching skills and current best practices. It could include written or practical tests, video submissions and in-person evaluations. The IT is responsible to register the requirements with Paddle Canada and report the results.