Instructor Member Benefits

From insurance to pro deals on gear, Paddle Canada Instructors get a great package designed for paddling professionals. For $99 annually, becoming a Paddle Canada Instructor is an easy choice.


Paddle Canada partners with large insurance providers to negotiate group discounts for all Paddle Canada Instructor members and their businesses. Paddle Canada’s policies are designed for paddling operations and beat out anything in the market.

  • $5,000,000 third party liability insurance for injury or property damage during sanctioned Paddle Canada courses.
  • Trip insurance (non-course coverage) – coming February 2017.
  • Outfitter/shop business insurance – coming February 2017

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Programs, Courses and Certifications to Teach

Paddle Canada Instructors have access to structured programs, courses and certifications that contain the accumulated knowledge and expertise of Canada’s greatest paddlers. Technique, skills, knowledge and learning methodologies are available in summarized course packages and program manuals. Running quality courses and teaching students remarkable skills has never been easier. 

  • Accreditation to run Paddle Canada Instruction Programs.
  • Program manuals for each course.
  • Programs and Course Manuals updated regularly by Program Development Committees for each paddling discipline: Sea Kayak, Canoe, River Kayak and Standup Paddleboard.
  • Paddle Canada certifications are recognized domestically and internationally.

An Established and Vibrant Community of Instructors

As a Paddle Canada Instructor, you will join one of the largest and most active community of paddling professionals in the world. No matter what coast you are on, there will be a local community of Paddle Canada instructors to support each other with professional development and business growth. Your support allows us to continue to grow the community by attending at the following expos:

  • Canadian Safe Boating Council’s annual symposium,
  • SARcene – annual Search and Rescue Conference,
  • Transport Canada Office of Boating Safety Meetings (2 times a year) with our official seat on the National Recreational Boating Advisory Council
  • Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa Outdoor Adventure & Cottage Life Shows
  • Outdoor Retailer (USA) and other North American outdoor industry conference and trade show

Pro Deals from Top Gear Makers and Service Providers

Paddle Canada is always negotiating pro-deals with relevant companies to get you gear at wholesale prices. Partners include:

Red Paddle Co
Trak Kayaks
Salus Marine
North Water
Outdoor Research
Level Six
Keen Footwear
Lendal Paddles
Becky Mason
Wilderness Medical Associates
Canadian Red Cross
Sirius Wilderness Medicine


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Over 3,000 Paddle Canada Instructors teach SUP, kayak and canoe courses to tens of thousands of people around the world every year. Becoming an instructor provides training, insurance, programs and certifications to grant, and credibility that you are a qualified paddling instructor.
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