Instructor Member Benefits

Current Paddle Canada Instructor membership benefits include:

  • Accreditation to run Paddle Canada Instruction Programs.
  • Access to the Paddle Canada Insurance policy.
  • Insurance coverage for all sanctioned Paddle Canada courses.
  • Access to the Paddle Canada Logo for program recognition.
  • One year* subscription to Rapid Media’s Paddling Magazine (in either print or digital format)
    • *Instructor Memberships expire at the end of the annual year. The sooner you renew your membership in the year, the more magazine editions you will receive in that annual year. Best practice is to renew your annual membership at the beginning of January so that you will receive the full annual year’s worth of magazines from Rapid Media.
  • Pro-Deal Purchase Programs from leading outdoor and paddlesport manufacturers including:


  • Paddle Canada decal (email [email protected] to request decal stickers after you have renewed your annual membership).
  • Electronic subscription to our Current Strokes e-newsletter.
  • Frequent updates on issues and opportunities related to the national paddling community.
  • The opportunity to support our Threatened Waterways Designation and other environmental advocacy efforts.
  • Vote for Regional Directors to the Paddle Canada Board.
  • The right to attend all Board of Directors meetings as a non-voting observer.
  • Preferred camping rate at the American Canoe Association’s Sugar Island, in the beautiful region of the 1000 Island, St. Lawrence River, Ontario.
  • Bringing together members to learn, share, discuss and have fun paddling!
  • The knowledge that you are supporting a non-profit volunteer organization committed to promoting values you believe in.

Over $4000 in value:

  • $2000 value in insurance (if you were to purchase coverage on your own)
  • $2000 or more value in pro-deal discount savings from 13 partners
  • $17.95 value in a Rapid Media Magazine Subscription of your choice

Personal & Paddling Program Benefits

  • Improved and additional instructor resources / manuals
  • Improved access to certification maintenance and professional development clinics
  • Opportunities to expand and develop new paddling programs like recent SUP, Big Canoe, and a new sit-on-top rec kayak program, to meet an ever changing paddle sport.

The Industry Benefits as your member dollars support our attendance at: