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Students learn about how to read whitewater on an intermediate moving water course with Priscilla Haskin on the Red Deer River, AB.
Location: Red Deer River, Alberta. Photo credit: Priscilla Haskin

Certification Maintenance for Paddle Canada Instructors

This document is about certification maintenance for Paddle Canada Instructors. If you are an Instructor Trainer, your certification maintenance requirements are slightly different.


Maintaining your instructor certification allows you to offer Paddle Canada sanctioned skills courses and to use the Paddle Canada name and logo, per the Paddle Canada Logo & Trademark Policy.

Annual Requirements

To remain a Paddle Canada instructor you must always maintain your annual membership in Paddle Canada. 

Quadrennial Renewal Requirements

To maintain Certification you have until December 31st of the fourth year from certification to complete one or more of the professional development options below:

  • Option 1—Successfully complete a Paddle Canada Professional Development clinic at your level, or     

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  • Option 2—Successfully complete another Paddle Canada instructor course, or

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  • Option 3—Successfully complete a customized set of requirements set and evaluated by an appropriate instructor trainer (IT). The requirements must test paddling skills, teaching skills, and current best practices and could include written or practical tests, video submissions, and in-person evaluations.  

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Provided your annual membership is maintained, the certification period of four years is automatically renewed when one of the above professional development options is achieved. Renewing an instructor certification automatically renews all of your instructor certifications. This policy will be reviewed in 2025.

Lapsed Instructor Certification

  • Instructors who do not maintain their annual membership will automatically have their instructor certification status changed to lapsed.
  • To regain active certification, the lapsed instructor who is in their first year of default must complete the annual requirements. The lapsed instructor who has defaulted for longer than one year must complete the annual requirements and pay the lapsed surcharge.

Inactive Instructor Certification

  • Instructors who do not complete a recognized professional development requirement within the four-year certification period will have their certification status changed to inactive.
  • An inactive instructor must be a current instructor member of Paddle Canada before the reactivation process is started.
  • To regain active certification, the inactive instructor must audit and be assessed on at least one full skills course taught by a qualified instructor trainer. The reactivated certification will be at a level not higher than that of the registered course.
  • Please contact the office for the appropriate forms to set the audit up.

Retired Instructor Certification

  • After two years of holding an inactive certification, that is a total of six years since their previous certification or certification renewal, the instructor’s certification status will be changed to retired.
  • To regain active certification, the retired instructor must undertake the normal provisions of a complete instructor course or mentorship.

Last Updated: May 2021