New Instructor Candidate Registration

If you are an existing member of Paddle Canada or took a Paddle Canada skills course in the past, please log into our student database first and follow the New Instructor Candidate link there under ‘My Membership’. You can click the ‘Forgot My Password’ option if you forgot your password to your Paddle Canada account. A new one will be sent to you.

This is to avoid duplicate accounts being created for one person. Please use your already existing account so that all your certifications are tracked under the same account.

If you are new to Paddle Canada and looking to register for your first instructor course, first you need to sign-up for the instructor course with your chosen Paddling School or Individual Instructor, then you need to fill out the form below to complete your Paddle Canada membership process.

Make sure you know the 5 digit Course ID of the Instructor course you wish to register for before you start filling in the form. Your Instructor Trainer or Paddling School can provide this to you.

Learn more about the Paddle Canada Instructor Membership including benefits and yearly fees.