Important Update on the New Instructor Training Mentorship Changes


Paddle Canada is pleased to update you on the major changes to the Instructor Trainer (IT) training process which affects both new and existing IT candidates. If you are considering starting an apprenticeship or already part-way through an apprenticeship, please read carefully as there are changes that will affect you. All existing ITs also need to be aware of the updated process so they can correctly advise their apprentices.

New IT Application Process

Instructors who wish to become Instructor Trainer must now compete an application form which can be found here: // This will ensure that the proper prerequisites have been completed before apprenticeship begins, and will provide necessary statistics to illuminate successes and bottlenecks in the overall process.

Once the application has been received and entered into the database, candidates will be sent a welcome package with information regarding the next steps of the process, access to the mentor of hire list, expectations of the mentor and apprentice, evaluation criteria, etc.

IMPORTANT: This application process is mandatory for both new IT candidates as well as those currently taking part in an existing IT apprenticeship. Just like any instructor course, IT training must be sanctioned before started, and that process starts with the online application. This is a mandatory step and will be strictly enforced.

Pre-mentorship Training Module

To increase the level of training and resources Paddle Canada has developed a new online training module for all new and existing IT candidates.

When the assigned readings and homework assignments have been completed, the candidate will move to the final stage which is working with IT mentor(s) to apprentice on the required number of instructor courses.

IMPORTANT: The new training module is a mandatory step that all candidates (including existing) MUST complete before the traditional apprenticeship can start (or continue, in the case of IT candidates partway through the apprenticeship process). It will take time to complete it so it’s important to plan well ahead and allow time for this important training stage. We suggest that prospective IT candidates allow approximately 5-6 weeks between application and first mentorship but this can vary greatly depending on the speed of completion of the online training module.

New Mentor for Hire List

Instructor Trainers who are available for mentorship opportunities can get their name added to the new IT for Hire List.

Instructor Trainer Learning Outcomes & Assessment Benchmarks

The development of the new Instructor Training Learning Outcomes is in it’s final stage and we anticipate being able to release a draft copy to Instructor Trainers in approximately two weeks.

These changes will enhance the level of learning received by the apprentice, standardize the training of IT apprentices and provide greater guidance for IT mentors.

Any IT mentor scheduled to do an assessment before that time should contact their PDC for more information.