Important Notices About New Members Website


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1. Public Website

Paddle Canada is excited about the launch of a new website last month We hope you and the public course participants find it easier to navigate and access info. Some improvements were:

  • Consolidated Program Description pages with all levels on one page.  Simply click on the tabs in the main table.
  • Consolidated Instructor Resources page with a new Business Services page added with insurance and legal programs available for your business. PC has negotiated these programs at below market rates on your behalf, so please take advantage of them.
  • Login page for members and skill participants to view their certifications is available right from the top menu.

2. Members Website & Login / Password Resets

There are still known issues with the new site and we continue to take your feedback as you use your accounts and work with the web team on fixes and updates. Thank you for your patience.

  • For password resets: Please click on Forgot Password and input your email. – currently it says Send New Password, but what is sent is a password reset link in an email. The text will be updated soon on this.
  • When you receive the email, please click on the link to reset their password. The password must satisfy the following:
    • Must be at least 8 characters long
    • Contain 1 upper case letter
    • Contain 1 lower case letter
    • Contain 1 number
    • Contain 1 special character
  • As long as those two passwords on that page are the same and satisfy those 5 requirements listed above, the change password functionality works.

3. Member Pro Purchase Program

We are waiting for this page to be posted under your Instructor Services menu. In the meantime if you have specific programs from companies you would like to access please email the office at [email protected].

4. Clinic Registration

The reporting feature for clinics is temporarily unavailable. In the meantime, please continue to register and run your clinics (selecting the Clinic box) and we will notify you when system is ready for reporting numbers and paying your $5 fees.

5. Instructor For Hire List (Why is My Name Not Showing?)

If you are not showing up on the For Hire page make sure that:

  • You have renewed your membership for 2017
  • Check in the Edit My Profile that ‘Show This Publicly’ (under your signature – don’t forget to upload that too) is turned ON and ‘Show On Instructor For Hire’ is turned ON (under First Aid info).
  • We continue to work on better ways for the For Hire lists to display better. Expect improvements over time.

6. Verify Your Course Start Dates

In a few cases during the migration of the course data from the old to the new site, some start dates were moved ahead by one calendar day. Please double check all your previously registered courses made on the old site for 2017. To make any updates to dates, click on the course name to view details, then update the dates as necessary, and finally click SAVE at the bottom of page.

7. First Aid and CPR

These fields are now mandatory. If dates have expired, then the system will prevent you from registering or reporting courses. We know this is causing frustration in administering your future and current courses. We also realize some of you with expired certs, are booked into upcoming recert courses.  In this case, please go in and adjust the expiry dates accordingly (3 years from your next first aid course date would be our suggestion – you can always update it later too). The onus is on you to have valid First Aid and CPR before teaching.

8. Certification Cards

Any newly registered courses on the new site will have digital certifications available for your participants to login and view or download as PDF’s. These certifications are autofilled for you by the PC system. A few things need to be in place for this to happen:

  • A valid email needs to be provided for each participant so the system can contact them with their notice and login information.
  • Your signature needs to be uploaded to your instructor account (in the Edit My Profile). This will be the one displayed on the participants certifications.

Any courses previously registered on the old site will unfortunately not have this certification feature available. Paper copies will need to be handed out in these cases. Fillable PDF files will be available soon for download on the Instructor Services – Instructor Resources area.

Thank You, 

Paddle Canada Office Team

[email protected]