GoPro Unveils Platform To Allow Users To Sell/License Their Videos


Want to sell (and get paid) for all those paddling adventures you’ve filmed with your GoPro? That just go easier. Go Pro just announced a platform that lets content creators license videos to brands and media companies. With this platform, your GoPro videos could get purchased, used for advertisements or other media work.

The catch is the videos must be really high quality, targetting professional-level sellers and buyers who must apply for access. Those grainy videos of you fooling around in your creek boat aren’t going to make the cut. It even allows content creators to watermark preview videos so ad agencies cannot bypass paying the fee.


At launch the service features videos produced by GoPro, professional athletes and GoPro users. There are 572 videos available — 8 are available in 4k. Some of the videos feature ripping sound tracks and others just have background noise. The system is not designed for video consumption like YouTube, but rather content discovery with a robust filtering and tagging system. Users can even search by an athlete’s name.

Videos start at $1,000 apiece and the term of the license is six months. GoPro hasn’t announced what its cut will be. 

In case you’re wondering, Paddle Canada has applied as a buyer. So start filming 😉