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Market Research: Course Fee Research Update

Market research- canadian paddling

Over the last several months, Paddle Canada has asked instructor and IT members to take a short survey [available here] to gather data on what Paddle Canada instructors are charging for their courses. The purpose of this survey is to provide pricing guidelines for new instructors to appropriately price their courses and also to undertake basic market research of recreational paddling in Canada, of which there is very little data available currently. We will make this information available as we progress through this exercise. Ultimately, we intend to create a report that our members can use to present the market scope of the paddling community in Canada in their business endeavours. 

All information is collected anonymously. We do not collect or display any personal information from the respondents; only their certification level, their province or territory and their average course fees. All information we collect is aggregated into averages to provide general market insight. 

We received 63 responses from instructors and ITs across Canada. Although this is a promising start, we will continue to collect this data and promote the survey. With nearly 2,000 instructor members, Paddle Canada can generate reliable market and economic data on the Canadian paddling community. This could be used to generate more investment and attention into this sector from the public and private sector. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.42.00 AM


Below are graphed results to demonstrate the type of information Paddle Canada is collecting and how we intend to analyse and present it. These are very preliminary figures and should not be relied on for business purposes.


avg course fees



course fees province

If you have any comments or questions, please email Adrian Camara at media < a t > paddlecanada < d o t > com.