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Closed for maintenance

our database will be

Please be advised that the Member’s Database will be unavailable from Feb 4th at midnight until Feb 5th at 6:00 AM Eastern time for major software upgrades.

As part of this software update, the following changes will also be made to the Members Database
  New Features

  *Functional Searching for Certification Maintenance, Invoices, and Instructor Mentorship.
 *Assistants can now be registered on Certification Maintenance Clinics.
  * When participants are added to a course they are *Registered* you must set their status before you can submit the course report
  * Setting a participant to Incomplete requires a detailed description of why they are being given an incomplete. This is considered the official record.
  * Certification Maintenance has been updated to the new visual style and is accessible from the course register page
  * Lead Instructors are no longer explicitly noted in the database for the purposes of certification advancement, The *Instructor 1* will be the Instructor whose signature appears on the certificates. This change is retroactive for all courses. Leadership of a course for the purpose of higher level certification prerequisites is now asserted by the applicant and any other instructors on the course.
  * Invoice payment has been re-designed, and updated with the new visual style

* Participants can be added to Certification Maintenance clinics for any level they would be eligible to teach, previously they could only be added to exact certifications they had been awarded.