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Certification Maintenance Clinics for Lake Canoe & Canoe Tripping Instructors & Trainers

Paddle Canada and the Canoe PDC are very excited to be hosting the first roll out of Instructor Maintenance Clinics! We are using this opportunity to get as many ITs and Instructors together as possible.. This is a great forum to share what we have been doing in our own regions and to strengthen the program! As most of us don’t travel and teach with other people these clinic provide us with a perfect opportunity to do so.

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  • Moncton, NB: Oct 5, 6
  • Toronto, ON: Oct 8, 9
  • Winnipeg,MB: Oct 10,11
  • Calgary, AB: Oct 13,14
  • Vancouver, BC: Nov 21, 22

Day 1: Intro and Intermediate lake instructor and trainers

Cost $75.

Day 1 and Day 2: Advanced Lake and Tripping Instructors (Intro & Advanced)
(Day 1 is a prerequisite for Advanced and Tripping instructors)

Cost $125.

All IT’s that would like to run Maintenance Clinics must either attend one of these clinics or take a clinic from someone that has attended.

Any Lake and Tripping Instructors can attend to maintain their certification.

To Register or For More Info please email [email protected]


Paddle Canada
[email protected]