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Certificates of Insurance

The Paddle Canada Liability and Sport Accident Insurance has now been renewed as of April 16, 2014 and is valid until April 16, 2015.  Certificates of Insurance (COI) have been generated and mailed to the organizations that require such proof of insurance for Paddle Canada instructors to teach in their jurisdiction.  These mostly include various municipalities, provincial parks and national parks.  If you are a past recipient of a Paddle Canada COI and have not received a copy by now or need to request a new one, then please contact the office at [email protected] to have one sent to you and the organization requesting it.  

When making your request please provide the complete legal name of the company / organization / munipality and their mailing address along with your anticipated dates and location of the Paddle Canada courses and/or clinics.  

Pleaes Note: We cannot name individual PC Instructor members or their associated businesses on COI’s.