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Camping Program Update – December 2018

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Camping Program Update

We would like to extend a sincere note of thanks to those who took the time back in September to read through the draft outline and submit your thoughts for improvements. We received a record 42 submissions and comments from across Canada.

With your feedback in hand, the writing of the skills and camping instructor stream has now moved into high gear and we anticipate a final version of the program manual to be released at the end of January.

Certification Migration

As of April 2019, the existing Canoe Tripping program will be replaced with the new Camping certification stream. Paddle Canada will always recognize existing Canoe Tripping skills certification but those with Canoe Tripping Instructor or Instructor Trainer certification will need to complete the training and migration process by end of April 2019 if they wish to offer campcraft certification in the future.

Our goal is to make the migration process as smooth as possible for everybody so please keep an eye out information about the migration process in the coming weeks.

Those with qualifying stand up paddleboarding or sea kayaking instructor certification will also be invited to participate in this initial training process as well.

The great news is that those who participate and complete the Camping Program training will have completed one of the key maintenance requirements for recertification. Completing or upgrading to a higher instructor or automatically renews any current instructor certifications you may have. Learn more about the certification maintenance requirements on the website.

If you have any questions about these changes, contact your Program Development Committee for more information. /board-of-directors-and-staff/

Please do not contact the office.