Camping Program Committee

The mandate of the Camping Program Committee is to foster the pursuit of safe camping in Canada through the development and maintenance of a program of skill, instructor and instructor training and certification that is seen as necessary, effective and fair. The Camping program courses are designed to be taught either alongside a Paddle Canada paddling course, or on their own (without a paddling course).

Member Position Region Paddling


Andrew Foran Chair Nova Scotia Canoe
Colin Frey Member Saskatchewan Canoe
David Delafield Member Alberta Canoe & Sea Kayak
Lynette Chubb Member Ontario Canoe
Jimmy MacDonald Member Saskatchewan Canoe & Sea Kayak
Dave Wooldridge Member British Columbia Canoe
Tony Palmer Advisor Alberta SUP & Sea Kayak
Matt Cuccaro Board Representative Ontario
Michelle McShane Executive Director Paddle Canada

A note about advisors

Advisors are individuals that run Paddle Canada programs and offer extensive feedback, suggestions, etc. to the Camping Program Committee.

Interested in serving on the Camping Program Committee?

The Camping PC is looking for members to serve on the committee. Any current Paddle Canada Camping instructor trainer is welcome to apply. Ideally the committee members will represent all regions in Canada and all of Paddle Canada’s paddling disciplines (canoe, kayak, and SUP).

How to apply

  1. View the complete Terms of Reference for the Program Committee so you how the committee works.
  2. Use the Contact the Committee button below to share a brief history of your instructional experience, how you can contribute to the work of the committee, and your goals for the Camping program.

For more information on any projects or initiatives of this committee, please contact the Committee.

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