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Calling out to Paddling Clubs for TRAK Introductions


I am Nolin Veillard, founder and managing director at TRAK.

Back in March 2017, we called out to the leadership of paddling communities worldwide and assembled a group of 20 avid paddlers who joined our TRAK 20/20 Team. Over the past 3 months, this team has been great, providing key input from very experienced kayakers, as well as critical support and feedback for our TRAK 2.0 project. They really enjoyed themselves and had a lot of good things to say about their experience all around.

After listening to their feedback and input, in late May we launched TRAK 2.0, the Ultimate Touring Kayak on Kickstarter which has been VERY well received. I’m pleased to say we have earned more than $440k of backing in 4 weeks!

With the success of our Kickstarter has come growing demand from the paddling community. Now paddlers want to see and test the TRAK 2.0 (which is only logical, having heard so many great things about its technical/functional appeal).

So now, we are reaching out to clubs and paddling groups to make TRAK part of an upcoming club event, paddlefest, symposium or even to create a specific demonstration, day or night, for a TRAK representative to attend. This would give paddlers an opportunity to see and test a TRAK 2.0 in person, on the water, and to ask questions. Such events can be arranged anytime over the next 6-9 months. Events like these are great fun for the organizations and create quite the buzz. We are happy to work with you on an event and to be creative to maximize everyone’s enjoyment and benefit.

Just last weekend, we were graciously invited to participate in a symposium on Lake Erie, in Ohio. We were invited by the ACA’s Ohio State director to come and showcase the TRAK 2.0 for their members. It was a real hit and great to be there!

We are now building out our schedule for our TRAK team to come and be part of events around the world. We know that more people want to see and test the unique features of the TRAK 2.0 and we want to get out to as many events as possible.

Important information for your consideration:

Share. Please send this email to your members ASAP, and have them look at the introduction of the TRAK 2.0 kayakhere
Pilots. See if you or any of your club members might be interested in exploring our TRAK Pilot program (global brand ambassadors) and getting involved with someone from TRAK at your event
Email. Please reply to this email with suggestions of types of events you see as a good fit for TRAK to attend, with where and when they take place
· Testing TRAK 2.0. Here is a snapshot of our TRAK 20/20 Team event in May 2017 testing the preliminary prototypes and having members be part of a skills progression “surf camp”. We are doing another one next May in Tofino, BC as well and would enjoy having members of your club in attendance. (More info on this at the bottom of the link above)

If this sounds like a good idea for your club, please send this out to your members, and let us know when you are interested in TRAK attending an event in your area.


Nolin & the TRAK Team