Business and Insurance Services

Based on feedback from members, Paddle Canada is now offering services to support Paddle Canada instructors’ that operate paddlesports businesses. We have identified reliable service providers that have given us group discounts to provide members with the best possible value.

June 1, 2020-June 1, 2021 Certificate of Insurance

*Other additionally named certificates of insurance can be obtained by contacting BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd. contact info and instructions below.

Business Insurance

Paddle Canada has partnered with BMS Canada Risk Service Ltd. to deliver customized insurance policies for Paddle Canada Instructors that provide increased insurance coverage specific to paddlesports and have proven to be up to 20% cheaper than the insurance policies members are currently using for:

  • Property/Building
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Watercraft Coverage
  • Commercial Automobile
  • Special Event Insurance
  • Other (Directors’ and Officers, Cyber Security and Privacy Liability, etc.).

Watch a webinar on business insurance coverage.

Your support of this program helps support Paddle Canada financially too all while saving you money.

For more information or to get a quote, contact BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd.:
*Please have your Instructor Membership Number handy as well as your 2020 Instructor Membership activated on your Instructor account before you contact BMS.
Toll Free: 1-855-318-6558
Email: [email protected]

Email to Get a Quote Fill Out Application Form 

BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd. is available to quote general insurance needs for members’ businesses with a variety of operations including retail, rentals, day tours, multi-activity and long-distance/overnight tours. Paddle Canada and BMS quoted four paddlesports businesses owned by Paddle Canada members and achieved a 10% reduction on premiums:

Company’s Region Current Premium BMS Premium Savings (annual)
Alberta $1,721 $1,548.90 $172.10
Ontario $10,834 $9,750.60 $1,083.40
Alberta  $8,211 $7,389.90  $821.10

Trip & Event Insurance

Paddle Canada has partnered with BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd. to allow instructors to extend the Paddle Canada Group Course Policy to paddlesports trips and events that are not sanctioned Paddle Canada courses. Trip Coverage extends, with limits, to international trips and events.

  1. Non Sanctioned / Trip coverage available to purchase (Available Soon to purchase online)
  2. Event Coverage:  Fill Out Event Application Form

The Fine Print on Non Sanctioned Trip & Event Coverage

The non-sanctioned event/trip extension is intended to cover the following scenarios:

  • Group Trips.
  • Overnight Group trips.
  • Evening Trips.
  • Speaker, slide show, film showing event.
  • Non-sanctioned course.

Referral criteria to BMS Business Program is as follows (where the above event/trip extension does not apply):

  • Revenues over $1,500 per year.
  • Events open to the general public.
  • Races/Competitions (being hosted).
  • Trips with more than 20 people attending.
  • Trips for more than two nights.
  • Social events with more than 30 people attending.
  • Any events with alcohol


  • All on-water events must be conducted in accordance with all Paddle Canada Risk management and instruction policies and according to the classification / location of water, participant ratios and craft (SUP, Sea Kayak or Canoe) you are trained and certified at as Paddle Canada Instructor (refer to your program manuals for more info on criteria).

Contact BMS to get a quote for your trip or event insurance coverage.

For more information or to get a quote, contact BMS:
Toll Free: 1-855-318-6558
Email: [email protected]

Incorporation, Templates and Legal Help

ContractClub has offered bespoke services to Paddle Canada members (excluding Quebec) at significant discount from commercial rates. The following services are available:

Service Fee
Incorporation $500 – $850 (depending on province)
Liability Waivers $500
Employment Agreements $500
Review of Contracts $500
Corporate Set-Up $1,000
Other Services $200 per hour

Email: [email protected]

Is Your Business Cyber Secure?

The cyber thread landscape is expanding.  Are your staff prepared and is your business secure?

BMS Risk Services has prepared this information package on Cyber Security for Paddle Canada members.  As a Paddle Canada member, you have access to comprehensive Cyber Security & Privacy Liability Insurance coverage. This product is available for individuals or businesses of almost any size. Read More Here: PC Is your business Cyber Secure