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Booking for Oct Trip: Kayaking on the Edge of Empires (10 Days in Croatia)

Join world-famous sea kayakers Jamie Shaprt (BC) and Marco Venturini (Italy) on an ancient journey along the coast of Croatia, here you will paddle on the edge of empires.

Precariously poised between the Balkans and Central Europe, this land has been passed between competing kingdoms, empires and republics for millennia. If there’s an upside to this continual dislocation, it’s in the rich cultural legacy that each has left behind. Venetian palazzos snuggle up to Napoleonic forts, Roman columns protrude from early Slavic churches, and Viennese mansions face off with Socialist Realist sculpture. Excellent museums showcase treasures from most key stages of Europe’s history, telling a story that is in equal parts fascinating and horrifying.

We will spend 9 days paddling from the Venetian city of Biograd through the islands of Kornati to the city of Sibenik, this journey will take us to Numerous destinations, many far off the beaten tourist path. We will camp on beaches, dine over open fires, sleep in modest coastal guest houses, and feast on local fare, not to mention visit ancient ruins, stroll through roman alleyways and listen to the banter and chatter of ancient Venetian city’s as we sip on wine beneath statues that have witnessed empires come and go.

The trip will be guided by WorldWild Adventures Co-Founder Jaime Sharp, Marco Venturini, and with guest Trip Leader Tara Mulvany (New Zealand). Explore Ancient cities, and stunning islands, eat amazing food and meet maritime Croat’s.

“Breathtaking natural beauty, great swimming, summertime sun, oodles of history, interesting architecture, incredible wine, delicious seafood… I could go on. True, Croats don’t always present the sunniest face to complete strangers, but break through that initial reserve and you’ll discover the friendliest, most hospitable people you could hope to meet.”

Peter Dragicevich, Lonely Planet

This expedition is open to everyone and will particularly appeal to people who wish to connect the country on a more subtitle and intimate way, and get of the beaten path while sleeping in tents or staying in small home stays, as we work our way along the dazzling coast, floating upon some of the clearest waters on the planet.

Photographers will have plenty of opportunities to shoot spectacular landscapes and portraits of the interesting sights and people we encounter along the way.



Dates: Oct 15th – 24th, 2015

Price: $3,150 USD, includes tax (deposit of $945 USD)

Skill Level: Beginners welcome 

Itinerary and more information: click here.

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