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Board of Directors Regional Elections 2020


It’s election time at Paddle Canada!  Paddle Canada Board of Direcors 1Paddle Canada is primarily run by a volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of 13 Regional Directors (one from each province and territory of Canada), the immediate Past President and the President Emeritus. The term of office for each Regional Director is nominally three years, with one-third of the Board of Directors elected in a three-year rotating cycle, and 2020 sets us back to “Year One” with the following regions up for election: PEI, Newfoundland/Labrador, Quebec, Saskatchewan and the Yukon. If you are an active and current Instructor Member in one of those regions, we invite you to apply by February 14.

WHY would you want to sit on the Paddle Canada Board of Directors? Here are a few words from some of our current Board members:

“I joined the Board because I wanted to contribute something more to the development and effectiveness of professionally-led paddle sports in Canada. In effect I wanted to ‘put my money (or time) where my mouth is’ and be able to help PC work towards more collaboration and relationship building with provincial organizations and individual instructors. I’m also interested in the way that recreational and amateur instructors interact (or don’t) with PC and why they do or don’t engage. The rewards are in being able to have a voice at the table, bring forward concerns that I hear in the BC paddling community, and to connect with such a committed and excellent bunch of people at PC and elsewhere in the paddling world. I appreciate being able to see change happening and people feeling heard with their concerns.”


“I volunteered for Paddle Canada’s board in hopes of strengthening ties with my regional paddling organization (Canoe Kayak New Brunswick), of growing the community here and to bring new ideas and efficiencies into Paddle Canada.”

“Since being on the Board and seeing the dedication and commitment from the other Board Members I am inspired by this group. Collaborating with such a great group of people all working towards something bigger than themselves – improving paddling for Paddle Canada members and recreational paddlers across Canada has become my WHY.”




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