Staff and Governance

Office Staff

Graham Ketcheson, Executive Director

Dawn Callan, Event Manager and coordinator for National Paddling Week and PaddleSmart.

Heather Young, Office Administrator (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday mornings)

Bethan Williams, Bookkeeping / Accounts – part time

Adrian Camara, Digital Media Manager (social media accounts)

Josephine Matyas, Newsletter and Kanawa Media Manager

Board of Directors

The Paddle Canada Board of Directors is comprised of 13 Regional Directors (one from each province and territory of Canada), the immediate Past President and the President Emeritus. As per the Paddle Canada Bylaws 2014, the term of office for each Regional Director is nominally three years, with one-third of the Board of Directors elected in a three-year rotating cycle as follows:

Year 1 Year 2  Year 3
Prince Edward Island British Columbia Nunavut
Newfoundland & Labrador Northwest Territories Alberta
Québec Nova Scotia Manitoba
Yukon Territories Ontario New Brunswick

As a member of the national Board, each Regional Director will represent all Paddle Canada members in their region (province or territory) and be accountable to all Paddle Canada members across Canada.

You can learn more about the Paddle Canada election process here.

Mike Gilbert, President and Director, BC
[email protected]
[email protected]

Jeff Martin, Vice President and Director, NL
[email protected]

Brian Johnston, Director, MB
[email protected]

Geoff Horn, Director SK
[email protected]

Karl Vollmer, Director, NS
[email protected]

James Roberts, Director, ON
[email protected]

Lana Ohler, Director, AB
[email protected]

Dan Wong, Director, NWT
[email protected]

Jay Morrison
[email protected]

The following Board positions are still vacant:

Director Yukon
Director Nunavut
Director PEI

Priscilla Haskins, Treasurer and Past President
[email protected]

Eric Williams, President Emeritus
[email protected]

The Board appoints Eric Williams to the position of President Emeritus in recognition and appreciation of his distinguished service to Paddle Canada. A President Emeritus may serve as a counselor, mentor or historian to the Board and is entitled to attend Board meetings but shall have no vote. A President Emeritus shall not be required to pay membership dues.

Paddle Canada Committees

Serving on a Paddle Canada committee can be a great way to give back to paddling and to learn more about our great paddling nation. Committees are also stepping-stones for individuals interested in serving on the Board of Directors as a Regional Representative.

Current Committees of the Board:

Program Development Committees

The mission of the Program Development Committees is to help foster the pursuit of safe recreational paddling in Canada through the development and maintenance of an effective and fair program of skill, instructor and instructor training and certification.

We have four Program Development Committees:

Program Coordination Committee

The PCC develops policies and procedures that are common to all four Paddle Canada training programs; assists the PDC’s in their development of training and teaching resources for Paddle Canada instructors; receives feedback on common policies and common elements of all Paddle Canada programs; assists in resolving disputes between PDC’s and other projects tasked as necessary by the PC Board of Directors.

PaddleSmart Committee

The PaddleSmart committee is responsible for the ongoing development and review of AdventureSmart’s newest program called PaddleSmart – a recreational paddling safety program. This program was developed in partnership with funding support from the National Search and Rescue Secretariat.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee works with the Program Development Committees, instructors and Regional Member Associations to constantly improve the delivery of PC instructional programs.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee provides regular input and feedback regarding the quality of our media and communications (both digital and print).

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee assists the Board and staff to improve and streamline our member services.

Environment Committee

This committee identifies issues related to our waterways that are a concern for paddlers. They will be the voice of recreational paddlers at the provincial and federal levels of government on environmental issues.

Waterwalker Film Festival Committee

This committee coordinates the annual film festival distribution, promotion and selection of submitted films. Contact: [email protected].

Bill Mason Scholarship Committee

This committee (active only in October/November) reviews and makes recommendations on the applications for the annual memorial scholarship award.

Want to get involved?

Contact us indicating the committee you are interested in along with a brief history of how your work and education relate to the work of the committee. For more information, please contact the specific Committee Chairperson.

Annual General Meetings

Three notices for nomination are sent to membership between 90 days and 45 in advance of the deadline. Afterwards, and no less than 45 days, voting will commence online via members’ accounts. Notices of elections and the AGM are distributed by email, Kanawa e-news, and the Paddle Canada website. Final results are confirmed at the Annual General Meeting, to be held by webinar and conference call.

Read reports and minutes from past Annual General Meetings.

Paddle Canada Bylaws

 Paddle Canada Constitution & Bylaws – 2014


Our Election Process

Members interested in joining the dedicated team on the PC Board of Directors, tackling issues making a difference for your organization, are invited to apply in January 2016 for the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick and territory of Nunavut. Nomination period closes Feb 20, 2016 at Midnight.

Nominees, their nominators and seconders must be Instructor members in good standing of Paddle Canada as of the close of nominations. Paddle Canada Board of Directors Nominees must also be members in good standing of at least one Paddle Canada Regional Member Association in their province or territory, where one exists.

Nominees to the Paddle Canada Board of Directors must complete, sign and return the following forms:

 Board of Directors Nomination Form
 Board of Directors Obligation Form


For questions, comments and concerns regarding the nominations and election processes please contact:

Priscilla Haskin
Past President, Paddle Canada
Chair, Elections Committee
[email protected]

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