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Bill Mason Scholarship Recipient 2019-2020

Sarah WileyWe are pleased to announce that Sarah Wiley is this year’s recipient of the Bill Mason Scholarship. We had a total of 9 applicants this year, and our committee had an enjoyable time reading through all of the applications. Sarah has a long history of exploring with her family by canoe, and the true spirit of Bill Mason shone through her application.
“My father was a great admirer of Bill Mason’s life and work. As children, my two sisters and I would come running when we would hear ‘Song of the Paddle’ playing. This film was my first introduction to Bill Mason. His words about the song of the land always resonated deeply within me.”
Pursuing a degree in Zoology at the University of Calgary, she hopes to enjoy a career in conservation research with a focus on endangered and at-risk animals in Canada, while at the same time with aspirations to making human-wildlife interactions safer and more enriching for all parties involved.
We wish Sarah the best of luck with her studies, and we would also like to thank the Bill Mason Scholarship committee for donating their time in helping keep the legacy of Bill Mason alive.