Bill Mason solo canoeing.

Bill Mason Memorial Scholarship Application

The Bill Mason Memorial Scholarship is a tribute to the late Bill Mason, a Canadian recognized both nationally and internationally as an avid canoeist, environmentalist, filmmaker, photographer, artist and public speaker.


Application and Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Bill Mason Memorial Scholarship, applicants must be:

  • A Canadian Citizen
  • Enrolled full-time at a Canadian University or College
  • Enrolled in undergraduate studies, second (2nd) year or higher standing
  • Enrolled in an Outdoor Recreation, Education or Environmental Studies or other related program
  • Have an academic standing of B+ (75%) or higher

Application Deadline

Applications open: May 1, 2022
Applications close: September 30, 2022

Helpful Hints for Completing your Application

If you need help, do not be afraid to ask. Feel free to contact Paddle Canada if you have any questions or concerns. A university counselor, college advisor, your parents, or even another student may also be of service.

Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Make certain to complete all sections, as incomplete sections will be awarded a value of zero.

Proofread, proofread, and proofread again! Misspelling and grammar errors may reflect poorly on your application. Have a friend or relative double-check your work.

Make certain your application is received on time. The deadline for applications is midnight 30-September of the current academic year. Incomplete or late packets will be rejected unless Paddle Canada is given prior notification.

Write a letter of thanks if you receive an award. Other than being the polite thing to do, if you are planning to apply for scholarships again in the future, a thank you letter for past scholarships goes a long way in impressing the scholarship committee.

How to Apply

We are pleased to offer an online application process this year. Please ensure you have all the required documents ready to upload.


To be eligible for the Bill Mason Memorial Scholarship, applicants must be:
· A Canadian Citizen
· Enrolled full-time at a Canadian University or College
· Enrolled in undergraduate studies, second (2nd) year of higher standing
· Enrolled in an Outdoor Education, Outdoor Recreation, or Environmental Education Studies or
another related program
· Have an academic standing of B+ (75%) or higher


Cover Letter
This is your opportunity to briefly introduce yourself to the selection committee. Please keep your cover letter to 250 words.
Confirmation of Eligibility
· Provide a copy of your birth certificate, Canadian passport, or another equivalent document.
· Provide the full name and address of the college or university in which you are enrolled.
· Include confirmation of enrolment letter or related document.
· Provide the name of your program or discipline of study.
· Include the name, address, and telephone number of your department head.
· Provide your current academic year standing.
· Provide an official copy of your most recent transcript.
Confirmation of Academic Course Content
Provide a list and brief description of courses that emphasize environmental awareness and/or
outdoor education. Do not send the program of study brochures; report only on those courses in which
you are enrolled for the current academic year.
Affirmation of Career Objectives
· Outline any past involvement and leadership within the fields of environmental education,
outdoor education or, outdoor recreation.
· Describe your future job, plans, and/or goals for continuing your involvement with
environmental stewardship.
Personal Environment & Educational Philosophy, and Knowledge of the late Bill Mason
Within 250 words please provide a statement of your philosophy regarding your beliefs
with reference to the environment, to outdoor education, or outdoor recreation, and to how your
philosophy pertains to the ethics of land and water AND, how your philosophy reflects the life and
work of Bill Mason.
Demonstrated Need for Financial Assistance
Provide a budget, outlining both expenses, anticipated revenues, and financial shortcomings for the
current academic year.
Background in paddling
Provide a résumé of your paddling experience, involvement in organized paddling and paddling
instruction, if any

Bill Mason Memorial Scholarship Fund
c/o Paddle Canada | Pagaie Canada
PO Box 126 Station Main
Kingston, Ontario, K7L 4V6

Toll-free: 888-252-6292
[email protected]

On behalf of the Scholarship Committee, Paddle Canada would also like to extend our sincerest thanks to the many individuals whose generous donations have contributed to the stewardship dream of Bill Mason.