Become a Regional Member


Eligibility for Regional Member Associations status requires a confidence vote by the individual and instructor members of Paddle Canada in your region; that is, Paddle Canada members in your region must vote to support your application for Regional Member Association status.

Please review carefully the Eligibility Criteria as well as the Benefits and Opportunities for a Regional Member Association below.

Eligibility Criteria

Regional Member Association applications are considered based upon the following criteria:

  1. Provincial or Territorial in Focus and Scope:
    That is, the association making the application should have the ability to take members from all regions of the province or territory they seek to represent. This would be demonstrated by a listing of geographic distribution of members.
  2. Active Association:
    The association should be able to demonstrate such normal activities as running elections for its directors, and running successful activities throughout the year.
  3. Membership Base:
    The association should have a respectable number of members given the population base of the region.
  4. Not-for-Profit Status:
    The Association should be a not for profit entity.
  5. Share the same aims and objectives as Paddle Canada:
    The association should be willing to support the four pillars and the ten objectives of Paddle Canada.

Application Process

The Board of Directors reviews Regional Member Association status every two years in conjunction with the election of a Paddle Canada Director from that region. The Board of Directors, with the aforementioned support of members in your region, approves or disapproves Regional Association Membership status.

Regional Member Associations will be invoiced upon approval, with rates based on population (Statistics Canada) as follows:
  • Less than 1,000,000 residency: $100 + GST or HST
  • Greater than 1,000,000 residency: $200 + GST or HST

Benefits and Opportunities of a Regional Member Association

Paddle Canada Instructional Programs: A Regional Member Association benefits by having:

  • Access to the Paddle Canada Canoe, Sea Kayak and River Kayak certification programs and their portability across Canada.
  • The opportunity to advertise their support of a National Paddling program that enhances local paddling.
  • All Paddle Canada instructors are required to become members of their Regional Member Association (where one exists) upon registration with Paddle Canada. Note: exceptions will be made for those RMA’s which do not actively promote and support the instructors’ discipline. Instructors in those regions can opt not to be members of the RMA.
  • The access to use of Paddle Canada certification, logos, materials, etc, as part of organisational promotion and written materials.
  • The ability to apply for financial assistance for public and/or Instructor skills development opportunities (criteria and application currently being developed).
  • Year End reports on all Paddle Canada Skills Courses and Instructor Courses run in their region, which can be generated at anytime.

Paddle Canada Advocacy and Communication:

The Regional Member Association has the opportunity to:

  • Bring forward issues of regional concern, if one should arise, and gain support Canada wide by using the influences of a National Organisation.
  • Liaise with other Regional Member Associations and Paddle Canada Board Members.
  • Attend and participate in the Paddle Canada Annual General Meeting (AGM) as a non-voting member.

Paddle Canada Governance

The Regional Member Association has the opportunity to:

  • Nominate individuals to serve on various committees of Paddle Canada, including but limited to:
    • Paddle Canada Board of Directors
    • Canoe Program Development
    • Sea Kayaking Program Development Committee
    • River Kayak Program Development Committee
  • Provide input and feedback on Paddle Canada programs through their Regional Board member or by participating on one of Paddle Canada Committees.

Paddle Canada Products and Services

The Regional Member Association benefits by having:

  • Discounted rates to Paddle Canada’s products such as KANAWA, Canada’s Paddling Magazine subscriptions and preferred rates on the Waterwalker Film Festival for its members.
  • The opportunity to offer subscriptions to KANAWA, Canada’s Paddling Magazine to local members and encourage regional article submissions to advertise local tourist attractions.
  • The opportunity to organize and offer Waterwalker Film Festival in the region and encourage regional submissions to the festival to showcase local hotspots.

Contact Member Services for more info or to apply.