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Seeking Canoe Instructors in BC

Hello Instructors,
Ridge Wilderness has recently accepted an amazing opportunity to work along side the Department of National Defense.
We are now in search of some fellow Paddle Canada Canoe Instructors to join us on this exciting journey over the next 4 weeks. There will be several different programs happening from July 12 – August 10. For more information such as dates, pay rates and locations please send us an email to [email protected], or call 604-477-4663  🙂
We hope to hear from you soon!
Happy paddling 🙂
– Ridge Wilderness Team

Manuel du Programme SUP disponible maintenant

Grâce à une contribution de Patrimoine Canada, notre manuel de formation de Surf à Pagaie, est maintenant traduit en français pour nos membres francophones au Canada, en particulier ceux qui vivent dans La Belle Province.

La traduction de ce manuel en français est financée en partie grâce à une contribution du gouvernement du Canada.

Thanks to a contribution grant from Heritage Canada, over this past winter, the Paddle Canada Stand Up Paddleboard manual is now translated into French for our francophone members in Canada, especially useful to the many residing in La Belle Province, Quebec.

Thank you to the Government of Canada for their support

Manuel du Programme SUP

Nathan Vatcher joins the Paddle Canada Office Team

We are very pleased to welcome Nathan Vatcher to Paddle Canada.  Nathan’s new role is varied, part Executive Assistant, part Customer and Member services.

Nathan is from Kingston, where he attended Queen’s University before going on to recent positions as the Membership Services Assistant and Aquatics Program Coordinator at the University of Toronto’s Athletic Centre.  Paddling has been a personal passion of his for years.  He has worked as a canoe trip guide for Camp Outlook and Algonquin Outfitters.  He is excited to take on the new challenges of his position and provide services to the organization and membership.

You can reach Nathan on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings during regular office hours Eastern Time at

1-888-252-6292 ext 13
[email protected]

Instructor Update May 2017

Instructor News

Office Staff Update

This week we said goodbye to Heather Young our office administrative assistant who’s contact ended.  I along with the PC Board would like to thank Heather for her many contributions to Paddle Canada and the members.   We are in the process of hiring new staff to take on an expanded role in supporting both the member services and management in the office. We hope to have the position filled by mid May.

We are experience a backlog of messages from members during this time of transition.  Thank you for your patience.

Nouveau site web pour nos membres francophone / New french members site

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer le nouveau site web en français pour les membres francophones.  S’il vous plaît signet ce site. Nous mettrons ce lien bientôt a

We are happy to announce the french members website for our francophone members. We will update the link on very soon.

Instructor Course Registration and Invoicing

There are currently two issues with instructor course administration.  We are working on the solutions with our web team.  In the meantime please note:

  • fees paid by organization is not functioning properly, so instructors candidates still pay their $90 or $10 upgrade fee for existing members upon registration. Alternatively Course Directors may add existing Instructor Candidate account holders to the course report thereby bypassing fees for now. Contact the office for more help on this.
  • there is an error with the invoicing of Instructor courses which are acting like Skill courses and charging skill fees.  Please contact office to void the invoices in your accounts and mark your courses as completed.

Clinic Registration and Reports

Clinics are registered by clicking the Clinic check box in the Add Course registration page.

Please register and run your clinics but leave them unreported at this time.  The clinic reporting function of numbers and invoicing of $5 for clinics is not ready at this time.  We will advise you later this season when you can report them. In the meantime please keep track of your clinics and numbers (adult and youth) in the meantime.

Certifications Are Now Automated and Electronic!!

Participants will now receive electronic certifications by email with a download link.  This automatic email notice gets sent upon payment of your skill course invoice or for instructor courses upon submission of the course report. Certifications will also be available under My Membership -> My Certification in participants accounts by clicking on the course name.

Alternatively instructors can go to My courses -> Find the Course then click on Report. The Instructor can resend certification to student manually if needed by clicking on “Send Certification” link

Certification Expiry Dates

Please disregard certification expiry dates posted in your account for the time being. Certification expiry dates are currently set from 4 years from your original course dates so do not accurately reflect you maintaining that cert yet and you teaching at that level in the last 4 years.  The responsibility is still on you to make sure your certifications are being maintained.  We are in the process of updating this feature in Phase 2 launch of the website. It’s a fairly complex expensive computer programming logic to track our certification maintenance requirements.

How Come There Are No Electronic Certifications For Older Certs ?

Electronic certifications are a new feature and can only be generated by this new website. Therefore any certifications imported from our old site do not have electronic PDF’s associated with them.
Thanks for reading.
Graham Ketcheson
[email protected]

Moving Water Instructor Cert Maintenance Clinic in Alberta

Intro Moving Water Tandem
Saturday & Sunday, September 10 & 11, 2016

Open invitation to all Paddle Alberta and Paddle Canada Instructor Trainers and Instructors.

Objective:  To review and become updated with the Paddle Canada current standards for skills: flatwater drills, moving water drills (MITH Method and carving canoes) and teaching pedagogy (IDEAS and Engaging clients).

Who is this for?  

Paddle Canada Instructors and Instructor Trainers
Paddle Alberta Instructors and Instructor Trainers

Why take it?
Meet and share with other instructors. To practice and gain a solid understanding of Paddle Canada’s curriculum and teaching methods at the foundational level, Intro to Moving Water.

North Saskatchewan River, Rocky Mountain House, HeLa Ventures

$215/person plus GST.

For more information call Priscilla Haskin, 780.922.4324 or HeLa Ventures 403.845.4325

Special Offer from YoPlanning Paddlesport Business Software for PC Instructor Members


Vakario developed the most acclaimed and specialized online sport business software for paddle schools: Yoplanning
Yoplanning is dedicated to help sport professionals and paddle schools to easily manage their sport planning and to share it to partners, colleagues and organizations. And it’s free. Forever.

We love seeing businesses start small, organize themselves with more efficient process each day, and build up a strong momentum, so that’s how we run Vakario. We create products and features that empower our customers to grow.

PC members can take advantage of lower transaction fees 

Special offer, first 12 months: 3.8% (normal rate is 4.9%)
Long term rate: 4.2% 
This offer is only good for every PC member we will be asking a proof of membership at every new inscription on Yoplanning. 

For more information visit the web based application at :

You can contact directly Dorian by phone at 514-839-5004 he would be glad to talk more about it or write him at [email protected].

La société Vakario édite la solution Yoplanning, c’est un module dédié aux écoles et aux moniteurs professionnels de sport de plein air pour leur permettre de gérer facilement leurs calendriers et de les partager avec leur partenaires, collègues et organisations. Et c’est gratuit. Pour toujours. Nous adorons voir de petites entreprises s’organiser elle-même et gagner chaque jour en efficacité. C’est comme cela que fonctionne Vakario. Nous créons des produits et des fonctionnalités qui permettent à nos clients de se développer. 
Nous vous proposons de simplifier la gestion et d’automatiser les réservations sur votre propre site internet mais également sur un réseau croissant de partenaire. Cela vous permet de développer la structure tout en développant le volume d’affaires. Pour plus d’informations visiter la page:
Vous pouvez contacter directement Dorian au 514-839-5004 il se fera un plaisir de vous en parler autour d’un café ou lui écrire à [email protected].

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