Adaptive Paddling

Outline and Intent
This committee was created to meet Paddle Canada’s mission to promote recreational paddling instruction, safety & environmental awareness to all Canadians. We welcome newcomer to the committee, as volunteers, or as advisers/contributors!

Encouraging and supporting adaptive paddling meets with Paddle Canada’s Four Priorities:
1. Public awareness & membership;
2. Engaging youth in skills &safety;
3. Instruction & skill development;
4. Partnerships with similar organizations

  We are here to help any paddler self-identifying as someone experiencing impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions.We recognize the ability to paddle may be affected by more than just a health problem. This can be a complex situation with multiple factors reflecting the interaction between environment, a person’s body structures, skills, functionality, and our society.
● An impairment is a problem in body function or structure;
● An activity limitation is a difficulty in executing a task or action;
● A participation restriction is a life situation blocking access to the
Based on: World Health Organization, Disabilities[2]

Committee members are individually identifying which category or categories are of interest them, will divide the work accordingly.
● Cognitive or Behavioral: acquired or genetic
● Sensory: Altered or Lost
● Birth (Congenital) Condition: mild to severe
● Mental Health, Injury: Long-term, severe, or temporal
● Illness: Chronic, long-term, or significant
and any combination

During the first meeting the members:
● Set the committee purpose
● Identified clusters/areas in need of support
● People began identifying areas of interest
● To promote accessible recreational paddling
● To support individuals in identifying & managing barriers
● To assist people with different abilities & their support network to enjoy safe paddling!

Information Flow: we are cyber meeting, “cloud-based”, and striving to provide accessible resources and communication.

Meeting complicated communication and information parameters (time zones, geography, professional schedules ….). Past campaigns with PaddleSmart have illustrated how accessible and in personal time the online presence can be Individuals encountered (Outreach results: training & trade shows 41,006,311; Non-Blue Ant Media; 17,662,24; Social Media; Digital Impressions & Radio 38,958,034).

● Online Committee Shared Folder: for updates & ideas
● We span a 4.5-hour time distance
● Quarterly Cyber Meeting
*8:30 pm, 2nd Wednesday
● Interim Decision Making by Email ballots