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Our mission is to help develop, promote and teach safe and enjoyable recreational paddling for all Canadians regardless of ability, culture or age.

We seek to develop positive attitudes towards a healthy environment and to provide an understanding of and an appreciation for the canoe and kayak in Canadian Heritage.

As a non-profit organization supported entirely by its members and by its programs Paddle Canada needs your help to succeed. Your financial support will enable us to continue the important work we undertake on behalf of all recreational paddlers.


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Your financial support of Paddle Canada can be as little or as much as you would like to contribute and can be applied to any area of our operations which include, but are not limited to, some of the following:

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  • Environmental Campaigns
  • Heritage
  • Inclusion/Paddling with a Disability
  • Bill Mason Memorial Scholarship Fund

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  • The course was great; I learned what I set out to learn, which was how to do a rescue properly, and to get feedback on my forward stroke. Emily MacDonald, StudentBasic Kayak
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