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50th Anniversary Calendar Photo Contest

paddle canada 2021

Paddle Canada celebrates 50 years of paddling!

As part of our celebrations, we would like to publish a 2021 calendar in honour of our 50th year. We invite YOU to submit photos for consideration. We are hoping for a collection of images that reflect paddling from across Canada. Canoe (lake, big, style, poling, white water) Sea Kayak, River Kayak, Stand Up Paddle (flat, surf, river). New photos, or from your archives are all welcome.

Submit your photo(s) here


  1. Photos need to be of high quality and resolution.
  2. All photos must include where the photo was taken, and by whom. The paddler featured may be named, and their permission must be given to be published.
  3. Paddle Canada reserves the right to publish any submitted photos on the Paddle Canada website, blog, and social media accounts (with appropriate credits given)
  4. Submissions deadline August 31, 2020
  5. All photos must be taken in Canada
  6. All paddlers must be showing safe paddling: proper PFD use, appropriate safety equipment


Calendars will be available for pre-order mid-September, with delivery in time for Christmas!