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50 Years, 50 People: Executive Director Edition

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In our 50 Years, 50 People series, we have been highlighting the many volunteers that have contributed to the success of Paddle Canada/CRCA. We would like to add the following names to this list, our succession of Executive Directors for their commitment of hard work to strive for administrative sustainability of the organization.

We need to strongly recognize their efforts by prominently acknowledging the amazing efforts of these employees through the years.  Very few PC volunteers are truly without a vested interest in our national recreation. The same can be said for most of our executive directors and senior staff. June Manhood (our first and faithful Executive Director for so long) Jack Long and the indomitable Joseph Agnew – the hardest working and most capable Executive Director in the business, and the list goes.

Without their commitment, vision, perseverance, and endless hours, the CRCA/PC would not have survived to be what it is today.  It would not have grown to be sustainable, or made it through the really rough times, without them.

Ron Johnstone 1972-1976 (also our co-founder)
June Mahood 1976 t0 1981 (our first employed ED)
Jack Long 1982 – 1984  (referred to as Program Director)
Rob Metras 1983 to 1985 (referred to as Program Director)
Joseph Agnew 1985 – 2000
Paul Graner 2000-2004
Graham Ketcheson 2009 – 2019
Michelle McShane 2019 to present.


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