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5 Reasons To Become A Paddle Canada Instructor 

Learning to kayak in Nova Scotia photo credit Adam Zita

Working 9-5 what a way to make living… 

Are you pining for more out of life?

Have you considered teaching paddle sports? Starting your own business? 

We want to support you!

Great teachers are mentored and created, no one was born knowing everything; we all learn from someone. This is your chance to join other Paddle Canada Instructors across Canada helping people become skilled safe paddlers!


Depending on the stream you want to go down (pun intended) most times it’s easy to teach what you love. 

You can hear the excitement in someone’s voice as they describe being on the water watching the sunset from their kayak. 

Maybe this is you. You’re already stoked on the water and can’t wait to tell everyone you know about it.


You have a busy winter season with work and as summer rolls around you have free time. 

Or with the current state of world affairs you’re unable to work in your normal occupation. 

Teaching Paddle Canada courses can become a source of income to supplement your life.


Do you find yourself being the leader of any situation even if it is unspoken? 

Maybe you find it easy to make decisions when others struggle to pick a path. 

This may be a sign you’re a natural to teach.


Is it troubling when you see others engaging in unsafe practices?

Does your inner safety ranger cringe while watching a person headed out into a storm on a lake without a PFD or whistle? 

Empower people to understand what is needed to prevent accidents on the water.


The smartest person in the world cannot share their knowledge if they speak in terms that the lay person can’t understand. 

If you have the special ability to be able to break down skills into teachable pieces you are the perfect instructor candidate.


There are no “set” rules to what it takes to become an instructor. Everyone has their own unique teaching style and offerings to each student. 

There are more people than ever engaging in paddle sports, the need for instructors teaching safe paddle practices has never been higher.

Check out Paddle Canada’s Schools ( online and start exploring the possibilities today!

Written by:
Lisa Stocking
Paddle Canada Stand Up Paddleboard Instructor