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2024 Regional Elections

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Paddle Canada is governed by a Board of Directors which is comprised of 13 regional Directors (one from each province and territory of Canada). Our elections operate on a three-year cycle, and for the 2024/26 term, the positions that are up for renewal are British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia and Ontario

We will also hold an interim election to fill vacant seats:

Quebec and Saskatchewan (Two years left in the term)
Manitoba and Alberta (One year left in the term)

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Our Election Process

Nominations for positions on the Board must be submitted between 45 and 31 days before the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Paddle Canada shall prepare and distribute ballots within each Province and Territory at least thirty (30) days before the AGM. All submitted ballots will be counted twenty-four (24) hours prior to the AGM. 

Members interested in joining the dedicated team on the PC Board of Directors, tackling issues making a difference for your organization, are invited to begin applying now! 

Any instructor member in good standing may nominate a person for the Board. Both the nominator and the nominee must live in the province or territory to be represented. Paddle Canada Board of Directors Nominees must also be members in good standing of at least one Paddle Canada Regional Member Association in the province or territory, where one exists. 

Nominees to the Paddle Canada Board of Directors must complete, sign, and return the following forms: (French forms will be available soon)

Board of Directors Nomination Form

Board of Directors Obligation Form

Election Timeline:

January 29, 2024 – 1st Notice for Nominations * 
February 13, 2024 – 2nd Notice for Nominations 
February 26, 2024 – 3rd and Final Notice for Nominations 
March 14th, 2024 – Nominations Deadline – Close at noon EST (Eastern Standard Time) 
March 15th, 2024 – First day for voting to commence ** 
April 12, 2024 – Last day for voting – Close at midnight EST
April 14, 2024-Final Election Results confirmed at Annual General Meeting (AGM) 

* Nominees must be current Instructor members of Paddle Canada and be in good standing.

** Voting will only be necessary for those regions where more than 1 (one) member has put in Nomination Forms. Where only 1 person has put Nomination Forms in by Nominations Close, that person will be acclaimed. Should a voting process go ahead, only Paddle Canada Instructor members who are current and in good standing are eligible to cast a vote.

If you are interested in finding out more about what a Paddle Canada Director does and what the position entails, please go to the Paddle Canada website or contact the current Regional Director for your province or territory.

For questions, comments, and concerns regarding the nominations and election processes please contact Michelle McShane, Executive Director.