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2024 Instructor Trainer Conference Call

IT Call Course Page Image

The 2024 ITCC recording has now been posted on the database. If you are a current (2024 membership paid) Instructor Trainer you should receive an invite via email. Please watch the recording and the short quiz that follows. Once complete, email [email protected], and we will be sure to credit you the call.

Please remember the learning platform is NOT the same as the database, if you have not used it before, you must create a new profile.

If you did not receive the email, please let us know so we can investigate why!

The call can be found here. Even if you are NOT an IT, there is some good material in this recording: a tutorial on how to create mentorships in the database, a guest speaker from ITP Sport, an organization we have partnered with who will help us with conflict management and resolution, a new code of conduct, and safe sport training.