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$2.2m Funding For PaddleSmart



Paddle Canada is very pleased to announce that approval has been received for funding under the Search and Rescue New Initiatives Fund (SAR-NIF) for implementing a PaddleSmart, a national water safety and awareness programing.

“We are thrilled to be working with other AdventureSmart partners, including the Canadian Government and the SAR community to educate, promote water safety awareness and change behavior towards a safe and fun paddling environment in Canada” says Graham Ketcheson, Executive Director for Paddle Canada. “Paddle Canada, in it’s 43 year history, has always been about face to face, hands on paddling skill education. The PaddleSmart project continues to fulfill this goal”.

This 3 year $2,292,415.00 project starts April 20, 2015 and targets new and developing recreational paddlers of all ages, with an emphasis on youth. “PaddleSmart for Everyone” includes: Enhanced components; Addresses the growing public demand for PaddleSmart; Expands national facilitator training courses to Provincial parks and camps; Provides standardized materials; Increases volunteer leadership, coordination, professional development, and hosting; A National Media launch of the outreach campaign will provide: Broader public/industry awareness of Adventuresmart / PaddleSmart; Relevant, accessible, safety information reducing the frequency and severity watersport incidents; Introducing a national community water events initiative; Creating PaddleSmart Safety Promotion Partnerships to include point of sale stores, facilitating relevant and timely safety information to the public while reinforcing proactive commercial management regard for customer safety; Lastly initiates a standardized in school “PaddleSmart Power” curriculum. The Paddle Canada Board would like to thank everyone that participated in the drafting of the proposal including PC Staff, PaddleSmart Committee, Annabelle Williams, and AdventureSmart partners. As well, thank you to everyone at the National Search and Rescue Secretariat (NSS) for their on-going support, including through the SAR-NIF program.

The Lifesaving Society believes that enhancement of the PaddleSmart’s trainer materials, awareness program and community delivery network will significantly reduce fatalities by equipping paddlers with the skills they need to be safer when paddling.

   – Barbara Byers, Public Education Director, Lifesaving Society

We support the delivery of PaddleSmart as an awareness campaign, and in school based curriculum as all youth should be educated in the water safety. 

   – Dawn Sucee, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Federation of Anglers and Hunters

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Dawn Callan at 888-252-6292 or email at [email protected]